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EsEstablished in 2012 and headquartered in Ningbo, Zhejiang Gocean Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. is an an international comprehensive supply chain management enterprise. We obtained import and export rig ht  hts apapproved by the Ministry of Commerce of China and were awarded the first batch of NVOCC (Non-VeVessel Operating Common Carrier) registration certificates by the Ministry of Transport in August 2012. R egegistered with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) in the United States, our company has a registered cacapital of 10 million RMB, an office area of 2,000 square meters, and a staff of 100 people. We serve over 5, 00000 well-known enterprises, with an annual revenue exceeding 500 million RMB.

W We operate full-line transportation, with a focus on the US-Canada route, and maintain close cooperation wi with many international container shipping companies. Our services cover all agent operations of import anand export goods by sea and air, including booking export shipments, import operations, container cons oliolidation and packing, customs clearance, inspection, insurance, road and waterway transfer services, an d  d warehousing.

   Additionally, we are members of several international freight organizations such as WCA, JC, and FMC. Wi th ith over ten years of business accumulation, we have established solid strategic cooperation relationship s with overseas agents worldwide. We provide timely and effective value-added services such as destination poport unloading/loading, booking, door-to-door delivery, customs clearance, and warehousing.

At At Gocean, we prioritize professionalism in our carrier system, pricing system, and service system, maint aiiaining our status as a reputable brand. Our service philosophy revolves around putting customers first an dod operating with integrity. We are committed to developing the modern logistics industry, utilizing scienti ficfic management, building a high-quality talent team, and leveraging modern technology to create a safe a

d  nd convenient logistics environment for our customers.




Air transport business-Air sent Shanghai to the door

For the door-to-door service of Amazon FBA warehouse in the United States, Europe, Japan and Canada, we provide the development route for Amazon sellers, with economical and fast service for customers to choose. In addition, we cooperate with the trailer companies designated by Amazon to ensure cost-effective delivery services. We provide shipping, air, express direct to FBA warehouse;

Third party logistics service

"One stop" all-round transportation services include transportation and distribution services, warehousing services, value-added services, information services, overall planning and design;


To provide you with convenient and effective solutions.

Business scope

The business scope of the company covers sea transportation, land transportation, air transportation and multimodal transportation; among them, customs declaration and inspection, integrated customs clearance, warehousing and packing, trailer, import and export agent, import and export clearance, bonded logistics, re export of bonded area, agent tax refund, return and repair, etc. are our advantages.

Full container

Air transport business

Road transportation
Multimodal transport business


To provide you with professional agent booking, customs declaration, inspection, customs clearance, domestic and foreign transportation services.


Comprehensive logistics company with international freight forwarding qualification

Hot business
Shipping company loading service
Shipping company loading service
Shuangqing service
Shuangqing service
DDU and DDP services
DDU and DDP services

Our strengths The company has strong transportation capacity, strong strength and reasonable price. Our company can provide the best quality solutions according to the needs of customers.

         Strong storage and transportation capacity
The company has rich warehouse management experience and professional transport fleet, through scientific operation methods, strict management system, advanced warehouse management system, to provide customers with economic, safe and real-time warehousing services. The company has mobile and electric forklifts, cranes, various transport vehicles, adopts the first in first out inventory management method and 5S daily maintenance system, and provides storage, reprocessing, transfer, distribution, packaging, transportation and other businesses according to the needs of customers.
       Complete supply chain system

The company has its own logistics transport fleet, which can ensure the customers' demand for Tokay; its own customs declaration company can meet the customers' demand for customs declaration and inspection; the company also has its own warehouse, which can meet the basic warehousing services of customers; its own import and export company can meet the needs of various basic services. The company has a complete supply chain system to fully guarantee the various needs of customers.
                   Huge market resources
We maintain longterm, stable partnerships with major shipping companies, closely monitor the shipping market, and offer yearround low shipping rates for transporting goods. Leveraging our professional customer service experience, we provide competitive pricing, routes, and partnerships, backed by a strong overseas agent network built over 9 years of operations, covering nearly all global routes.
             Professional team members

The company has a strong competitive and professional operation team. Specializing in domestic cargo transport services, has a rigorous transport organization, is a supply chain integration of professional transport companies.

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Tel : 0574-55123111

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